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Show # 463 Keep It, Fix It, Dump It; Jimmy’s Tribulations

Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week we re-visit a fun show idea called Keep It, Fix It, Dump It.  Three park items are suggested and then our hosts need to apply one title to each of the items.  We're either gonna keep it the same, fix it, and explain why or dump it.  It's not worth even fixing it.  And then offer reasons why and a replacement idea.  This week, unknown to Jimmy, a lot of his favorites are taking hits.  Enjoy the listen.

Show # 462 9th Annual Disney Nerds Meet-up Weekend Trip Report

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Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week the Disney Nerd Hosts are back from their 9th annual meet-up weekend at Walt Disney World.  There was much fun and so many friends.  We're getting ready for next year's number 10!  This was taken from our Tuesday night show so it might sound a bit live as Jimmy and Morgan talk to people. 

Show # 461 Sounds From the Parks; The Holidays Start in Walt Disney World

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461a.jpgHello and welcome.  It's that time of year again and the holidays have started in Walt Disney World.  Listen in to the Sounds of the Parks as we bring you the beginning of the holiday season in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Show # 460 Keeping That Disney World Feeling at Home

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We discuss all the great ways you can keep that Walt Disney World/Disneyland spirit all year long.  From Ice Capades to Hobbies and much more.  Join the conversation

Show # 459 Fantasmic is Back - Panel Interview and Full Show

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459a.jpgDisney Ambassadors, Ali Manion and Raevon Redding help celebrate the return of Walt Disney World’s Fantasmic by hosting a conversation with Disney Entertainment Executives behind the project.  This is the full interview from Sam's Disney Diary on November 2, 2022.  Then enjoy Fantasmic, full show.  Thanks for Listening!

Show #458 Extra, Extra, Breaking Walt Disney World News

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Hello and Welcome back to the show.  This week we go over a number of breaking news stories from Walt Disney World.  There is always something new going on.  This time it's about a number of things that have been closed for a while and are coming back.  We hope you enjoy and find out something new!  

Show # 457 The Bathrooms of Walt Disney World Part Deux-Doo

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Hello and welcome back to the Disney Nerds Podcast.  This week we're going back to the Parks and exploring the Restroom locations in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Bring your own TP and Hand Sanitizer and let the tour begin.

Show # 456 Blast from the Past, Our Jeffrey Sherman Interview

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Hello and welcome back to the Disney Nerds Podcast.  This week we bring you a Blast from the Past, our Jeff Sherman, son of Robert Sherman, interview.  This was such a fun interview to do. So much great information and stories.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 455 Epcot’s 40th Ceremony

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Join us this week for Epcot's 40th and some extra bonus Voices of Liberty medley and national Anthem.  We start out with that bonus and then bring you the Epcot 40th Ceremony.  A very musical podcast coming your way this week!

Show # 454 ”As You Wish Magical Experiences” with Sheila Campion

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454-a_2_bj52u.jpgJoin us this week as we welcome "As You Wish Magical Experiences" with a great interview with Sheila Campion, owner and F.G.I.T.  Their Fairy Godmothers travel where-ever they are needed to turn you and/or your children into Princesses and Pirates.

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