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Show # 379 The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook

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Join us this week as we bring you an episode of our Tuesday Live Facebook show.  Jimmy and Sam had author Ashley Craft.  We get to hear all about Ashley's method of collecting and testing recipes.  We also hear there is an Unofficial Drink guide on the way next.  This was a very fun show.

Show # 378 Walt Disney’s Audio-Animatronics; Past, Present, and Future

378.jpgHello and welcome back to the show.  This week we spend some time with Walt's animatronics.  Join us as we discuss the history, implementation and designs of some of our favorite animatronics.  When you see the word animatronic or robot, what is the first one you think of related to Disney?  Join us and see if we talk about it.  Email us if we did or if we didn't and let us know what it was.  Thanks!

Show # 377 Rank ‘Em 1, 2, 3: Attractions

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Join us this week as we try out a new segment called Rank 'Em 1, 2, 3.  This is where each co-host is given three Disney Items and then ranks them.  This week we are going to inagurate this segment with the topic of Attractions.  Thanks for listening and rank 'em as you hear them with us.  Let us know your ranks.  Send them to 

Show # 376 Womprat Radio Interview with Official Fine Disney and Lucasfilm Artist, Craig Skaggs

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Join us this week for a great interview with the Official fine Artist for Disney and Lucasfilm, Craig Skaggs.  Craig has a great background story on how he got to where he is today.  Sam and Stan talk with Craig about all the steps  in his varied career.  I'm sure you've seen some of his art work. 

Show # 375 Touring Plans Dining Survey Surprises

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This week we visit and really check out their subscribers ratings of all the Walt Disney World restaurants.  We discuss some favorites and some real oddities in some of the ratings.  It's a fun show where we get to discuss Food, our Sponsor and have a great time doing it.  Thanks for listening and we want to hear from you.  What did you think of the show?  What did we miss?  What Rest. rating stood out for you? 

Show # 374 Wheel of Attractions


Join us this week for one of our favorite games...Wheel of Attractions.  We've got Mellissa and Krysti from the Disney Nerds Facebook Page and our Disney Nerds Podcast Blog helping Sam and I on this weeks Wheel.  Listen in as we randomly explore the parks.  By the luck of a spin on the Wheel of Attractions we decide what ride or activity to discuss.  No prep...just our combined knowledge.  Join us for Wheel of Attractions!

Show # 373 The Year In Review That Was 2020

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Join us this week as we review the year that was, 2020.  Jimmy, Sam and Ed go over the majority of Disney Company based events that happened in 2020.  Thanks for joining us.  Listen in and let us know what we missed at  We want to hear from you!

Show # 372 It’s the Disney Nerds Holiday Show

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As we put 2020 behind us, join us this week for a duo of Disney Holiday Shows from the past.  The first is a great radio show from 1934.  The Hall of Fame show brings you a Walt Disney Christmas.  Listen as Walt and all of his early friends help us celebrate Christmas.  Then we move forward to 1974 and Disney's version of Charles Dickens off the LP.  Form all of our Disney Nerd Families to all of you and your families, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Show # 371 Disney Investor Meeting Announcements

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Join us this week as we go over a lot of the great announcements that just came out during this weeks Disney Investors meeting.  We'll listen to Same and Jimmy give a great re-cap and then we'll tune into the Disney Animation Studios Announcements.  Thanks for listening guys!

Show # 370 Sounds From the Parks Holiday Edition

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Join us this week as we look forward to the Holidays with some Sounds From the Parks.  We will start out on the Jingle Cruise to dip our Christmas toes into it.  Then on to Epcot and the Voices of Liberty to fully immerse us into the Holiday Spirit.  And to finsih, a new classic, the Wishes Holiday Fireworks show from the Magic Kingdom.  We hope that this weeks show gets you ready for the Holidays.  From all of the Co-hosts of the Disney Nerds Podcast and our families we wish you the very best Holidays and Happy New Year!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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