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Conversation with Rod and Jake at the Magic Kingdom Show # 175

Join us for a conversation with Lisa and Jimmy and our friends from the Mousenger Podcast, Jake and Rod Wheaton.  Listen to the sounds around them on Main Street as they discuss their knowledge of the parks, their trips and some behind the scenes of podcasting.  A really fun show! 


Show # 174; Comfort Food Counter Service Rest. at WDW

Hello and welcome back to the show!  This week we share our favorite Comfort Food counter service restaurants at WDW.  We want a good food, always can get a table, and cool place to eat that we go back to again and again kind of restaurant.  Thanks for Listening!


Disney Princess 5K and Guess these Attractions Show # 173

Hi guys and welcome back.  This week we talk to Lisa who is down for the Running Races at WDW.  we then play a couple audio clips of a couple great attractions at WDW.  It's up to you to guess what each one is.  Have fun!  Send us an email.  give us a rating on Itunes if you like the show.


The Hall of President Audio Script Review, Show # 172

Join us as we lament the closing for Refurb of Hall of Presidents and the Celebration of Presidents Day with this look back at all of the versions of the Hall of Presidents.  We'll go back in time to where Richard Nixon was the latest president to the recent past of Barrack Obama.  Enjoy and Thanks for Listening!


Disney in Detail: Soarin on Show # 171 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

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On this weeks show we dive deep into the attraction Soarin, the new and the old.  Follow as we discuss the early history in Disneyland, the addition to Epcot, the new incarnation and what's next.  We all love Soarin and this is a very special show as we really get down to what made Soarin such a mainstay attraction.  Thanks for Listening!  Rate us on Itunes please.


The Tours at Walt Disney World Show # 170

Hello and welcome back.  This week we discuss Walt Disney World Tours and give you a little bit of a sample of a number of different ones.  Thanks for listening and share your Tour experiences with us at .



Show # 169: Jimmy and Lisa Just back with Express Bus and Festival of the Arts Updates

Join us as we pick Jimmy and Lisa's brains for updates and info from their recent trips.  Festival of the Arts at Epcot.  The new Express Bus service and a whole lot more.  Thank you for Listening!


Show # 168: Part 2 2016 The Year in Review, Disney Style

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Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week we are presenting Part 2 of the Year in review, 2016.  We're having a real fun time re-visiting a lot of the hot news and stories from the past year.  Thanks for Lsitening!!!


Show # 167 2016: The Disney Year in Review

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Hello and welcome!  Join us this week as we take a look back at the year that was 2016.  We're gonna find out the hits and flops of this past year in the World Of Disney.  Thanks for Listening!


Show # 166: We’re all Sick, Disney Sounds

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Hello and welcome to Show # 166.  We are all feeling sick this week with one manner of illness or another.  We do have a show for you though.  What is the first thing that you think of when you think of being sick?  I hope the first answer you had was Goofy because we have a great short all about the Cold.  We also bring you a couple more feeling sick kind of songs. 

En-cough cough-joy!


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