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Show # 166: We’re all Sick, Disney Sounds

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Hello and welcome to Show # 166.  We are all feeling sick this week with one manner of illness or another.  We do have a show for you though.  What is the first thing that you think of when you think of being sick?  I hope the first answer you had was Goofy because we have a great short all about the Cold.  We also bring you a couple more feeling sick kind of songs. 

En-cough cough-joy!


Show # 161, Sounds from the Parks

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Just us this week as we bring you Sounds from the Park.  Join us as we take a couple rides!  Thanks for listening.


Show # 159 Listeners Choice Topic

This week we take a show topic from one of our listeners.  Michael from Ga., gave us a good topic we decided to record; What extinct ride do we really miss?  Join us as we discuss some of our favorite long gone attractions.  Stick around until the end of the show to get a little bonus clip of a favorite of ours.  Thanks for Listening!


Show # 158 Jeff Baham of Fame and Author Visits the Show

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Join us this week as we welcome Jeff Baham from onto the show.  Jeffs put together information about the Haunted Mansion for almost 20 years.  We discuss the ride and a whole lot more.  Jeff's a Disneyland guy so our DL listeners will love this show.  Good show for all!  Enjoy.  For more info, go to for the Post behind this show.


Show # 156 Stories from the Parks Oct. 2016


Show # 155, The Muppets Infusion at WDW

Join us this week as we discuss the new developments surrounding the Muppets of Walt Disney World.  They are breaking out of Disney Hollywood Studios and can now be found in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  Listen in as we discuss our observations and thoughts. 


Show # 153 Lou Mongello is our Guest Tonight

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Lou Mongello, Author, Podcaster, Vlogger and Disney Trivia Master, joins us on this weeks show.  Join Jennifer and Jimmy as they sit down and discuss all things Disney and then some with Lou.  Enjoy the Show!


Show # 152 Scavenger Hunt Flashbacks

Hi guys!  Join us this week as we take a look back at our Epcot and Hollywood Studios scavenger hunts in preparation for this years hunt in a couple weeks.  Get an idea what your in for in Oct. or just enjoy the trivia we throw your way this show.  Thanks for Listening.


Show # 151, Magic Kingdom Picture Spots

Join us as we discuss some of our Not so common phot spots around the Magic Kingdom.  Thanks for Listening!


Show # 150 Wheel of Attractions!!!

Welcome to show # 150 and Wheel of Attractions.  Join us as we spin the Attractions wheel to randomly determine which attractions to talk about.  We have a blast with this kind of show.  Thanks for listening.


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