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Show # 340 Keeping Our Sanity at Home the Disney Way


Hello and Welcome to show # 340.  It's all about keeping Sane while we're all staying at home.   Listen in this week as we discuss some of the things we are doing to keep ourselves sane.  From Streaming to Crafting and all the inbetweens we've been doing to pass the time as we wait out this Virus.  Enjoy and Please pass on your ideas to

Thanks for Listening!

Show # 337 Sounds From the Parks; the Great Movie Ride


Hi Guys, this Sounds From the Parks is the now retired, Great Movie Ride. I have always really liked this attraction and thought it could have been saved with updates. This is a great version. Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Show # 329 Walt Disney Hometown Museum with Peter Whitehead

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Join us this week as Jimmy and Sam invite special guest Peter Whitehead.  Peter is the Creative Director of the Walt Disney Museum in Marceline, Mo.  This is one of those Bucket List destinations for most of the us Disney Nerds but hearing Peter talk about it will make you move the visit up on your list.  Thanks for listening and make sure you mention the podcast if you make it to Marceline.  Siviko!

Show # 323 Disney Artist and Modern Renaissance Man Joel Payne Interview

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Join us this week as we welcome Joel Payne to the Disney Nerds.  Jimmy and Charlotte, on a rare Thursday night version of the Tuesday Live show bring us an interview with Joel Payne.  We do not use the term Modern Day Renaissanc man loosley.  Joel has taken an incredibly varied journey to arrive at where he is right now.  Join us and listen in to all of these great stories.

Live Show Link:  Click Here 

Joel's Web Site: Click Here

Show # 314 The Disney Nerds in Walt Disney World Live

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Join us this week as we come to you live from the Magic Kingdom.  Join us as we take a breath after sending out our Scavenger Hunters on their mission.  We've got some great background music and even got a visit from the Dancers of Main Street.

Show # 308 Wheel of Attractions

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Join us this week as we play Wheel of Attractions.

Show # 299 Classic Rewind; Christmas in July

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Join us this week for a Classic Rewind of show #142, Christmas in July.  Way back in 2016, Sam brought us a great show with a lot of 'Merry' Christmas music from the Parks.  This is the time of year to begin booking that trip to Disney so what better way to be reminded.  FYI, show # 300 Anniversary show is next week!  Thanks for listening!!!

Show # 286 Announcing DreamFinder Radio

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Join us this week as we preview DreamFinder Radio, the Newest Online Disney Themed Radio station.  One of the things that really stands out about Disney is the music.  It can make a bad day a distant memory.  It can alter your mood.  And my favorite, with the music and sounds from the parks, it sends me right back to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Thanks for listening and please give the station a shot! 


Show # 284 Disney Dining Madness Finals and New Disney News

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Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week we hear more great News from Disney, Morgan tells all about the Star Wars Rival 5K and we finish up The Disney Nerd Dining Madness Sit-down and Character Tournaments.

Show # 255 Has it Been 5 Years Already?!?!?

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Hi guys and welcome to this weeks show.  It's our 5th year anniversary show! Whooooo Hoooooo!  Join as we sit down and have a drink and talk about the last 5 years.  Thanks for listening and being part of that!

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