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Show # 432 An Evening with Disney Renaissance Man, Stan Solo

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432.jpgJoin us this week as we continue our cross-over with the Disney Nerds Tuesday Night Live Show.  This week we bring you a great interview with a friend and co-host of Womprat Radio, Stan Solo.  Stan, a true Disney Renaissance Man, comes to us from the Great White North and the Grand Circle Tour Podcast.  Stan is a wealth of knowledge and this is a great interview.  We hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!

Show # 427 What’s Up With the Disney Nerds and 9th Annual Meet-Ups Announced


Join us this week as we take a tour of the Disney Nerds podcast and all of our Projects and Sites and share What is Up.  We also announce the 9th Annual Disney Nerds Podcast Meet-Ups coming up this November 2022.  It's time to start planning your trip!

Show #426 LIVE Review of the Star Cruiser Halcyon Experience

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426a.jpgJoin us this week as Disney Nerd Sam from Sam's Disney Diary is back, LIVE to discuss his experience touring the newest Hotel/Star Cruiser in the Disney/Chandrila Universe.  Sam and Ed Share a drink in a rare LIVE recording.  Ed does his First Order best to get all the information out of Sam from Alderaan and you all benefit.  SPOILER ALERT: If you have the $5K and are planning on going there might be a lot of spoilers in this show.  If you're like me and cannot see yourself ever going, there is some great inside information tonight.  Thanks For Listening!!!

Show # 425 Breaking News: Star Wars Hotel Media Day Panel

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Hello and welcome to a Breaking News Show. Disney Nerd Sam from Sam's Disney Diary was down in WDW for us at the Halcyon Star Wars Hotel Media event.  This show is the panel they set up with a lot of the details of what your experience will include when you stay on the Star Cruiser.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 423 Disney Artist Craig Skaggs Stops by for a Visit

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Join us this week as we welcome Disney Artist Craig Skaggs.  Craig visits the show to discuss his art and where some of those great ideas come from.  We discuss that, the festivals and so much more.  Thanks for Listening!

Show # 414 Taking a Ride With the Disney Nerds: Star Wars Version

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414.jpgHello and welcome back to the show.  On this weeks show we are going to join Ed on some rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  May the Force be with You and grab your blaster, we're going to be flying Star Wars.  From the StarSpeeder 1000 to the Millenium Falcon, we're taking off!  Headphones are suggested if you have them.  Turn up the volume in the car!  Thanks for listening and stay tuned for show # 415 and the Disney Nerds Meet-up Trip Report.


Show # 395 Sounds From the Parks; Night Time Shows/Parades We Miss


Join us this week as we look back and listen to some of our favorite Night time Parades or Shows at Walt Disney World.  Headphones are a must (if not driving lol) as are tissues for that occasional, so happy hearing these again, when you shed a tear.  Thanks for listening and see you next week.

Show # 391 It’s All About the Headlines


Join us this week for a Headlines show.  We take some of the best headlines from The Disney Nerds Podcast Blog from the past couple of weeks to discuss.  There is a lot going on in the World of Disney join us as we go through some of the highlights.  Thanks for listening and send any comments or questions to  Bye bye.

Show # 378 Walt Disney’s Audio-Animatronics; Past, Present, and Future

378.jpgHello and welcome back to the show.  This week we spend some time with Walt's animatronics.  Join us as we discuss the history, implementation and designs of some of our favorite animatronics.  When you see the word animatronic or robot, what is the first one you think of related to Disney?  Join us and see if we talk about it.  Email us if we did or if we didn't and let us know what it was.  Thanks!

Show # 368 The Force is With WompRat Radio

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Join us this week as we introduce you to another Nerd facet of the Disney Nerds Podcast, WompRat Radio.  The new Podcast/Vidcast Star Wars based show is on it's third show and we are getting ready to record # 4.  If it's Star Wars, we'll be talking about it on WompRat Radio.  Check it out!

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