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Show # 130 Hollywood Studios Time Capsule, April 12, 2016

On this weeks show listen in as Sam and John come to you LIVE from Disney Hollywood Studios.  This is the third in their series of Disney Hollywood Studios Time Capsule Talk and Walk shows.  With all the changes coming to DHS, we started this series last year and the guys periodically visit DHS and walk and talk on the state of the park.  And wow are their differences between the last Time Capsule and this one!  Great Stuff.  Headphone if you can.  Is John on my right or is he on my left?  It's great to hear the awesome stereo.  Thanks for Listening!

Show # 114 The Force Awakens

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We've all been waiting and it's finally here, the opening of Star Wars the Force Awakens and we take you through the movie with all of the ups and downs of a great ride.  SPOILER ALERT: This show is full of spoilers.  Wait until you see the movie to listen.

Show # 107 News from the Parks and Trip Stories

Welcome to the show!  This week we talk about the news coming out of the Parks and a couple more stories from the parks.  Thanks for listening

Show # 98 And it’s all D23!

Sam and Jen were both at D23 this past week and we get some great information about what's coming up next for the Disney Company.  Thanks for Listening and please give us a rating on ITunes.

Show # 85 Star Wars Weekend LIVE!

Come along with Sam and John as they take on Star Wars Weekend #1 at DHS.  This is them in the park LIVE.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 82 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

"These are not the Droids you are looking for." "I've got a bad feeling about this." "No, I am your Father."  Can you guess we're talking about Star Wars Weekends?  Sam and John go over all of the information and tips they've learned and what's going to happen this year.  If you like Star Wars, this is the show for you.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 60 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

On this show, so close to Thanksgiving, we all give thanks to one thing the Disney Company has done for us this year.  We have a really fun conversation that you'll find really fun.  Enjoy!

Show # 38 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

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Show # 38, Sam's back from Star Wars Weekends.  Join us as we discuss Epcot's and WDW's preparation to watch the World Cup.  The main part of the show is all about Star Wars Weekend 2014.  Sam had a great time which he shares with us.  Thanks for listening and May the Force Be With You.

Show # 27 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

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Show # 27, We finish our March Madness Attraction Brackets.  Listen in as we continue our brackets from the Sweet 16 down to our final two teams/attractions.  Thanks to all that voted.  We also have some New and exciting Star Wars Weekend Updates.  So listen in and welcome to the show!


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