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Show # 210 Looking Back at DNP Meet-ups 2017

Hello and Welcome to Show # 210.  Join us this week as we go over what was the 2017 Disney Nerds Meet-ups at Walt Disney World.  We had a blast and met so many great people!  See you next year!


Show # 152 Scavenger Hunt Flashbacks

Hi guys!  Join us this week as we take a look back at our Epcot and Hollywood Studios scavenger hunts in preparation for this years hunt in a couple weeks.  Get an idea what your in for in Oct. or just enjoy the trivia we throw your way this show.  Thanks for Listening.


Show # 105 Sounds from the Park: One Man’s Dream

Show Number 105 is a great Sounds from the Park show.  While we were all together we took a walk through One Man's Dream.  Come along and join us.  If you can, wear your headphones.


Show # 102 Disney World Codes, DHS Hypothesises and other News

Hello and Welcome to the show. This week we discuss the DHS news with some observations from Sam's trip last week.  We also talk about the Cast Member codes that are used around WDW.  Thanks for listening!  If you like the show give us a rating on ITunes.


Show # 86 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

Hello and welcome!  This week we go a little Random.  It's Sam and Ed as we discuss our upcoming Summer trips. Sam's going to the West coast and I'm doing the East coast Surf and Turf, Disney style.  And with so much going on in the parks we talk a little more about the newest updates and announcements. AND, stick around for the end.  Never before heard Voices of Liberty songs live from Epcot.  Thanks for Listening, Kungaloosh!!!


Show # 71 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

On show 71 we spend the whole show on Listener questions.  We are lucky enough to have some great listeners who sent in emails with some really great questions and a little highlight into what makes everyone a great Disney Nerd!


Show # 56 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

This is a fun show.  We go over our F&W Mixology session with some great audio clips.  We also reminisce one last time over Maelstrom.   Vi vil savne deg Maelstrom!


Show # 55 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

Join us as we go over how our Meets went down in WDW and or observations from Epcot's Food and Wine. Enjoy!


Show # 53 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

We're Back and resting up from an incredible trip to WDW.  We're also getting ready for our second year of Podcasting.  We hope you are too!  Join us this week as we use some of the audio we recorded at our Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks to all you came!


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