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A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!

Show # 337 Sounds From the Parks; the Great Movie Ride


Hi Guys, this Sounds From the Parks is the now retired, Great Movie Ride. I have always really liked this attraction and thought it could have been saved with updates. This is a great version. Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Show # 113 Our Holiday Show

Thanks for joining us on our Third Holiday show for you.  On this year's show we go back and forth discussing our WDW Holiday memories.  We also talk about some of our Home traditions for the season.  Join us for a little Holiday spirit and to all of our listeners, Have a Great and Safe Holiday Season!

Show # 112 DHS Time-Capsule Part III and your Star Wars Prep for the Force Awakens

Sam and John are roaming around Disney Hollywood Studios again and have some great sounds for you!  Consider this the Pre-Release Star Wars show.  They take an evening walk around DHS and stop and record in all of the new Star Wars locations.  And as a bonus, they make their way to the Osborne Family Lights!  Enjoy!

Show # 107 News from the Parks and Trip Stories

Welcome to the show!  This week we talk about the news coming out of the Parks and a couple more stories from the parks.  Thanks for listening

Show # 100 We celebrate our Century Anniversery Thanks to You!

Join us as we and some of our friends celebrate our 100th show.  We discuss our favorite shows and some great memories.  Thanks for Listening and come along with us as we move on into our second century.

Show # 71 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

On show 71 we spend the whole show on Listener questions.  We are lucky enough to have some great listeners who sent in emails with some really great questions and a little highlight into what makes everyone a great Disney Nerd!

Show # 60 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

On this show, so close to Thanksgiving, we all give thanks to one thing the Disney Company has done for us this year.  We have a really fun conversation that you'll find really fun.  Enjoy!

Show # 59 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

This week we discuss some of the new Holiday events going on at Walt Disney World this year.  We also talk a bit more about our trip to WDW last month.  A lot of good information and downright Disney Nerdiness.  Thanks for the listen!

Show # 53 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

We're Back and resting up from an incredible trip to WDW.  We're also getting ready for our second year of Podcasting.  We hope you are too!  Join us this week as we use some of the audio we recorded at our Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks to all you came!

Show # 43 of the Disney Nerds Podcast

On this weeks show we have a great interview with Steve Barrett of Hidden Mickey fame.  We talk all about Hidden Mickeys and then some.  Make sure you share with us all of your favorite HM's.  Thanks Steve!


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