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Show # 454 ”As You Wish Magical Experiences” with Sheila Campion

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454-a_2_bj52u.jpgJoin us this week as we welcome "As You Wish Magical Experiences" with a great interview with Sheila Campion, owner and F.G.I.T.  Their Fairy Godmothers travel where-ever they are needed to turn you and/or your children into Princesses and Pirates.

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Show # 447 Interview with Tammy Tuckey - Emmy Winner, Filmmaker, Actress, Singer, and Fellow Podcaster.


Join us this week as Jimmy and Charlotte bring us an interview with Emmy Winning filmmaker, actress, podcaster and singer Tammy Tuckey.  This is a fun interview where we get to discuss all parts of Tammy's career and aspirations. Tammy has done so much so far and it looks like she has more to go.  We talk about the podcast and everything else that has come from that.  This was a really fun interview.  Enjoy!

Show # 437 Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and WDW 50th Information Part 2

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437-a.jpgJoin us this week for part 2 of the coverage of the new information for Disney's 50th and the opening of the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind.  Thanks for listening!  Stop by to see the links for videos for all of these interviews.

Show # 427 What’s Up With the Disney Nerds and 9th Annual Meet-Ups Announced


Join us this week as we take a tour of the Disney Nerds podcast and all of our Projects and Sites and share What is Up.  We also announce the 9th Annual Disney Nerds Podcast Meet-Ups coming up this November 2022.  It's time to start planning your trip!

Show # 422 Epcot’s Festival of the Arts Review

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Join us this week as we get a first hand account of the Epoct Festival of the Arts Show this year.  Sam and Charlotte stopped by to tell us all about it.

Show # 419 A Surprise Family Trip to Disneyland

419.jpg Join us for our first show of 2022 and welcome back. This week we interview Sam and his family's surprise trip to DisneyLand.  It's fun to start 2022 on a Disneyland note!  Thanks for Listening

Show # 406 Remy‘s Ratatouille Adventure is Open

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Join us this week as we ride Remy's Ratatouille Adventure and tell you all about it.  Here's a was great!

Show #387 Special Guest Mark Daniel


Join us this week for a very special interview with Walt Disney World long time cast member and TV/Online personality, Mark Daniel.  Mark is an incredible guy and the interview is great.  We bounce around his career and the stories are real fun and all over the place.  We're sure you're gonna learn something you did not know, and have a great time listening.  thanks for following us guys and through any questions or comments to

Show # 380 Disney Snacks Madness Round One

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Join us this week as we begin a DNP March tradition.  Disney Snacks Madness!  We've done Rides, Characters, Restaurants, Movies, and now it's time for the 64 best Disney Parks Snacks.  Join us as we go from 64 to 32 in our First Round.  Check out the voting for the next round here:

By you voting, we have a 7th on our panel you get to vote with us and you get to break the ties.  Thanks for Listening!


Show # 372 It’s the Disney Nerds Holiday Show

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As we put 2020 behind us, join us this week for a duo of Disney Holiday Shows from the past.  The first is a great radio show from 1934.  The Hall of Fame show brings you a Walt Disney Christmas.  Listen as Walt and all of his early friends help us celebrate Christmas.  Then we move forward to 1974 and Disney's version of Charles Dickens off the LP.  Form all of our Disney Nerd Families to all of you and your families, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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