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Show # 449 Walking Into Epcot for Reflections of China and DHS for StarTours Best Ride Ever

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449a.jpgHi guys and welcome back to the show.  This week Ed's taking another walk into the parks.  Sadly, his summer was coming to an end, but we get to follow him into Hollywood Studios and Epcot on a couple of missions.  Get to Batuu and get to work on Bounty Hunting (got waylaid) and then get one last audio/video recording of Reflections of China.  Get some comfortable shoes and come along.

Show # 448 Take a Walk/Ride into Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom With A Disney Nerd

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Join us this week as Ed rediscovers the Trams at the Magic Kingdom as he takes a trip into the Tomorrowland to hear the new People Mover script now that Enterprise has taken over as sponsor.  Ed gets a couple of surprises on the way there with a surprise Cavalcade and Ed even takes a turn at being a helpful photographer.  This was a really fun afternoon at the park.

Show # 447 Interview with Tammy Tuckey - Emmy Winner, Filmmaker, Actress, Singer, and Fellow Podcaster.


Join us this week as Jimmy and Charlotte bring us an interview with Emmy Winning filmmaker, actress, podcaster and singer Tammy Tuckey.  This is a fun interview where we get to discuss all parts of Tammy's career and aspirations. Tammy has done so much so far and it looks like she has more to go.  We talk about the podcast and everything else that has come from that.  This was a really fun interview.  Enjoy!

Show # 442 Getting to Know the Disney Nerd Co-hosts and Take Some Rides with Us

442a.jpgHello and welcome to the show!  This week we talk a little bit about the history of the Disney Nerds, our co-hosts and many other things.  Also, take a couple rides with a Nerd .  This time it's Star Tours and M&M's Runaway RR.  Have fun and enjoy 

Show #438 Wrap-Up of WDW 50th Information

438a.jpgJoin us this week as we recap the Great News coming out of Disney for its 50th anniversary at WDW.  John from the great Disney Web resource, is our guest.  If you like what you heard, head over to the Disney Nerds Podcast Facebook page or our YouTube channel to catch this Live show.  Welcome and enjoy!

Show # 433 Disney Nerds Podcast Blogger Veronica Dailey

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Hello and welcome to the show.  This week we have Disney Nerds Podcast Blogger Veronica Dailey on the show.  Veronica's latest blog post was a great primer on the ins and outs of picking a hotel for your next trip.  We also use this opportunity to introduce another one of the people that make the DNP such a fun group to be a part of.  We also drop some of Jimmy's questions on Veronica for some great answers.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 419 A Surprise Family Trip to Disneyland

419.jpg Join us for our first show of 2022 and welcome back. This week we interview Sam and his family's surprise trip to DisneyLand.  It's fun to start 2022 on a Disneyland note!  Thanks for Listening

Show # 415 The Disney Nerds Podcast Live 8th Annual Meet-Up Review

415b.jpgJoin us this week as we talk about our 8th annual Meet-Up weekend.  it was a blast and we want to share our trip reports with you.  Thanks for Listening!

Show #402 Best Attraction Queues

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Join us this week as we discuss our top 3 attraction queues for each Walt Disney World park. We also share our least favorite. 



Show # 391 It’s All About the Headlines


Join us this week for a Headlines show.  We take some of the best headlines from The Disney Nerds Podcast Blog from the past couple of weeks to discuss.  There is a lot going on in the World of Disney join us as we go through some of the highlights.  Thanks for listening and send any comments or questions to  Bye bye.

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