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Show # 457 The Bathrooms of Walt Disney World Part Deux-Doo

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Hello and welcome back to the Disney Nerds Podcast.  This week we're going back to the Parks and exploring the Restroom locations in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Bring your own TP and Hand Sanitizer and let the tour begin.

Show # 454 ”As You Wish Magical Experiences” with Sheila Campion

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454-a_2_bj52u.jpgJoin us this week as we welcome "As You Wish Magical Experiences" with a great interview with Sheila Campion, owner and F.G.I.T.  Their Fairy Godmothers travel where-ever they are needed to turn you and/or your children into Princesses and Pirates.

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Show # 452 All D23 Announcements Part One


Hello and Welcome to show # 452 of the Disney Nerds Podcast.  This week we break down all of the announcements from the D23 event this past weekend.  Sam from Sam's Disney Diary and a long time Disney Nerd was there and breaks down all the information, sights and reactions at this D23.  A lot of information and a fun show.

Show # 451 WDW What’s Next To Do List 2022 and D23 Predictions


Hello and welcome to this week's show.  Now that we are getting closer to Moana in Epcot and Tron over in the Magic Kingdom, what's next?  We help out the Disney Imagineers by pointing out areas that might be perfect for an upgrade or full re-do.  We also throw in some D23 predictions.  Fingers crossed!

Show # 449 Walking Into Epcot for Reflections of China and DHS for StarTours Best Ride Ever

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449a.jpgHi guys and welcome back to the show.  This week Ed's taking another walk into the parks.  Sadly, his summer was coming to an end, but we get to follow him into Hollywood Studios and Epcot on a couple of missions.  Get to Batuu and get to work on Bounty Hunting (got waylaid) and then get one last audio/video recording of Reflections of China.  Get some comfortable shoes and come along.

Show # 444 The Once in a Decade Meet-Up Trip Report

444ab.pngJoin us this week as Jimmy, Morgan and Ed talk about their late June meet-up trip.  We did a lot in 5 days and looking forward to share some new things we've found with you.  Thanks for listening!

Show # 442 Getting to Know the Disney Nerd Co-hosts and Take Some Rides with Us

442a.jpgHello and welcome to the show!  This week we talk a little bit about the history of the Disney Nerds, our co-hosts and many other things.  Also, take a couple rides with a Nerd .  This time it's Star Tours and M&M's Runaway RR.  Have fun and enjoy 

Show # 440 Wheel of Attractions, LIVE!

Hello and welcome to the show.  This week we play The Wheel of Attractions and we're doing it Live.  With our Attraction loaded wheel we spin and discuss the attractions we land on.  We did the show live on our channel and here is the link.

Show #438 Wrap-Up of WDW 50th Information

438a.jpgJoin us this week as we recap the Great News coming out of Disney for its 50th anniversary at WDW.  John from the great Disney Web resource, is our guest.  If you like what you heard, head over to the Disney Nerds Podcast Facebook page or our YouTube channel to catch this Live show.  Welcome and enjoy!

Show # 436 Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and WDW 50th Information

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436a.jpgJoin us this week as Jimmy brings us some New information on things coming for WDW's 50th and, best of all, Jimmy takes a ride on Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction.  Thanks for listening and check out our Youtube page for the video of these interviews.

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