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Show # 442 Getting to Know the Disney Nerd Co-hosts and Take Some Rides with Us

442a.jpgHello and welcome to the show!  This week we talk a little bit about the history of the Disney Nerds, our co-hosts and many other things.  Also, take a couple rides with a Nerd .  This time it's Star Tours and M&M's Runaway RR.  Have fun and enjoy 

Show # 440 Wheel of Attractions, LIVE!

Hello and welcome to the show.  This week we play The Wheel of Attractions and we're doing it Live.  With our Attraction loaded wheel we spin and discuss the attractions we land on.  We did the show live on our channel and here is the link.

Show #438 Wrap-Up of WDW 50th Information

438a.jpgJoin us this week as we recap the Great News coming out of Disney for its 50th anniversary at WDW.  John from the great Disney Web resource, is our guest.  If you like what you heard, head over to the Disney Nerds Podcast Facebook page or our YouTube channel to catch this Live show.  Welcome and enjoy!

Show # 436 Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and WDW 50th Information

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436a.jpgJoin us this week as Jimmy brings us some New information on things coming for WDW's 50th and, best of all, Jimmy takes a ride on Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction.  Thanks for listening and check out our Youtube page for the video of these interviews.

Show # 434 Keep It, Fix It, Dump It is Back

434.jpgHello and welcome back to the show.  This week we bring back a popular show segment, Keep It, Fix It, Dump It.  Each host will be given three items in the parks to then decide which they would keep, fix or dump.  These shows are always a great mental exercise and are fun to boot.  Thanks for listening and please email the show with any questions of comments.

Show #426 LIVE Review of the Star Cruiser Halcyon Experience

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426a.jpgJoin us this week as Disney Nerd Sam from Sam's Disney Diary is back, LIVE to discuss his experience touring the newest Hotel/Star Cruiser in the Disney/Chandrila Universe.  Sam and Ed Share a drink in a rare LIVE recording.  Ed does his First Order best to get all the information out of Sam from Alderaan and you all benefit.  SPOILER ALERT: If you have the $5K and are planning on going there might be a lot of spoilers in this show.  If you're like me and cannot see yourself ever going, there is some great inside information tonight.  Thanks For Listening!!!

Show # 424 Wheel Of Attractions

424-a.jpgJoin us this week as we bring to you The Wheel Of Attractions.  The Disney Nerds Podcast game show that puts our hosts on the spot.  We have a huge carnival wheel with all the WDW attractions on it.  We take turns spinning the wheel and where it lands...we discuss.  Fun random attraction info and stories from your Disney Nerds Hosts.  We are looking forward to bringing this show to you live on FB and Youtube soon.  Thanks for Listening!

Show # 414 Taking a Ride With the Disney Nerds: Star Wars Version

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414.jpgHello and welcome back to the show.  On this weeks show we are going to join Ed on some rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  May the Force be with You and grab your blaster, we're going to be flying Star Wars.  From the StarSpeeder 1000 to the Millenium Falcon, we're taking off!  Headphones are suggested if you have them.  Turn up the volume in the car!  Thanks for listening and stay tuned for show # 415 and the Disney Nerds Meet-up Trip Report.


Show # 413 Walt Disney Worlds 50th; What‘s New and What‘s Coming

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413a.jpgHello and Welcome back.  This weeks show is about the things around the park that have been opened or released with Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary.  WE also discuss what is still outstanding and when we plan to see them come to the parks.  We also welcome our new sponsor Sock And Key. will take a photo from you and have their artists draw a Disney based picture from a variety of movies and shows and you and your loved ones are the main characters.

Show # 393 Jimmy and Charlotte’s Trip Reports


Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week we are talking to Jimmy and Charlotte about their recent WDW trips.  Both are fresh back and have a lot of information to share with us.  With Mellissa's help we grill them on their trips.  Thanks for Listening

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