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Show # 392 What Are We Packing to Walt Disney World 2021

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Join us this week as we check in with what we're taking to the parks.  Morgan, Sam and Ed share what their packing to make a fun and comfortable trip to Walt Disney World.

Here is Morgan's post from the Disney Nerd Podcast Blog:  What's in Disney Nerd Morgan's Bag? — The Disney Nerds Podcast


Show # 391 It’s All About the Headlines


Join us this week for a Headlines show.  We take some of the best headlines from The Disney Nerds Podcast Blog from the past couple of weeks to discuss.  There is a lot going on in the World of Disney join us as we go through some of the highlights.  Thanks for listening and send any comments or questions to  Bye bye.

Show # 390 Blast from the Past: Hidden Mickey Guy, Steve Barrett


Join us this week for one of our favorite shows and from so long ago.  We had Steve Barrett AKA The Hidden Mickey Guy on Show #43 and it was a very fun interview.  Steve has published a Disney recognized book(s) of Hidden Mickey's that can be found around the parks.  His books have been sold in the Disney Parks and even the ships.  

Hidden Mickeys are a fun way to keep the family into all of that touring that we do.  "A Hidden Mickey can take different forms. The most common image is the tri-circle Mickey frontal silhouette: three circles that form Mickey’s round head and adjoining round ears. Other images include a side or oblique (usually three-quarter) profile of Mickey’s face and head, a side profile of his entire body, a full-body frontal silhouette, a detailed picture of his face or    body, or a three-dimensional Mickey. Sometimes, just his gloves handprints, shoes or ears appear. Even his name or initials in unusual places may qualify as Hidden Mickeys."

Show # 389 May the Fourth Be With You Disney Nerd Shows Mash-up

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May the Fourth be with you.  Join us this week as we combine a lot of the Disney Nerd Properties to celebrate this fun Star Wars holiday.  Thanks for listening and let us know what you think.  Send any comments or questions to  Thanks for Listening!

Show # 388 Keep It, Fix It, Dump It Resorts


Hello and Welcome to the show.  This week we re-visit Keep, Fix or Dump it and use the Resorts as the topic.  Join Sam, Morgan and Ed as we break-down some of the things that work at the resorts and some of the things that don't.  Thanks for Listening and let us know what you think.  Send your thoughts on this show or any question to



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