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Show # 286 Announcing DreamFinder Radio

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Join us this week as we preview DreamFinder Radio, the Newest Online Disney Themed Radio station.  One of the things that really stands out about Disney is the music.  It can make a bad day a distant memory.  It can alter your mood.  And my favorite, with the music and sounds from the parks, it sends me right back to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Thanks for listening and please give the station a shot! 


Show # 285 Listening to Walt

Hellooooo and welcome to the Disney Nerds Podcast.  This week we're gonna talk about a little park news and then onto a great interview with Walt Disney.  We're gonna hear things we've heard before, but there are a couple jewels in this interview.  I want to thank the Internet Archive for the opportunity to find and share this great interview.

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Show # 284 Disney Dining Madness Finals and New Disney News

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Hello and welcome back to the show.  This week we hear more great News from Disney, Morgan tells all about the Star Wars Rival 5K and we finish up The Disney Nerd Dining Madness Sit-down and Character Tournaments.

Show # 283 Food and Wine News, Lightning McQueen Driving Academy and Disney Character Dining Final 4

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Join us this week as we tackle the final 4 of the Character Dining Madness Tournament. Then start drooling as we have the 2019 Food and Wine date and it's longer, again. And to finish we have Morgan and Jen's recording of the new Lightning McQueen Driving Academy. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Show # 282 Big News and Dining Madness Final 4

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Join us this week for some big nes about Park rules and we continue on with our Dining Final 4 and Our Character Dining Elite 8.  Thanks for Listening!


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